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Domestic Cleaning

Domestic Cleaning

JPS Cleaning Limited has been involved in Domestic Cleaning for over 27 years, ranging from domestic drain cleaning, graffiti removal, to various other tasks listed below. For more information or a no obligation quotation then please give JPS Cleaning Limited a call.

Domestic Services

Releasing waste down the drains can lead to unpleasant odours that can accumulate over time, or eventually even block your drainage system. To avoid any of this happening JPS recommend you have your drains cleaned by our professional team to ensure no disruptions will occur.

Our highly qualified team specialise in full colour CCTV drain surveys, using our high tech camera equipment we can determine any problem areas within the drain that can frequently go unnoticed. Our CCTV service has become very popular due to the speed and accuracy of the process. CCTV cameras can identify problem areas within the drain and assist us to provide the best possible solution to the problem.

This service is available to both domestic and commercial customers. Sonar drain tracing is a fast efficient and cost effective way to locate drains; back in the day we could spend hours digging up driveways or pathways to locate your drainage systems,We can now eradicate such problems and identify the location of drains within minutes thanks to our sonar drain tracing equipment.

Using our sonar tracing equipment we are able to locate underground pipe work and drainage systems, this service can be beneficial to those wanting to start groundwork's Within their property, JPS cleaning will provide you with full detailed plans of your system cutting the risk of digging through draining systems.

In the unfortunate event that your drainage system suffers damage to no fault of your own an insurance claim may need to made, as we all know this can be a long winded process. To help deal with the problem swiftly and effectively JPS Cleaning can provide your insurance company full drain survey to ensure the claim is processed and dealt with. JPS Cleaning Limited are also specialists in Insurance Work for Floods, Fire/Smoke Damage & Sanitising

The emptying of your septic tank should be performed on a regular basis, depending on the size of the septic tank and how mush waste it can hold should decipher how frequently it should be cleaned. Regular cleaning of your septic tank will prolong the life and functionality of the tank, JPS cleaning can provide a regular scheduled septic tank cleaning services to suit any requirements.

Spray paints and other solvent based products can be a time consuming and tedious task to remove from the exterior of your building. JPS have the right tools and products to remove graffiti quickly giving your company that professional appearance once more. Don't hesitate or let your customers be disgruntled about using your services because of pointless vandalism, let JPS cleaning Hull deal with it.

A buildings exterior can come under the constant bombardment of all external factors which can lead to the build up of dirt and grime, unlike the interior of the building which is normally cleaned on a regular basis, the exterior usually suffers from certain neglect.

JPS Cleaning have a specialised Garden & House Clearance team who will clear any unwanted items from your home or garden giving you a clear and fresh start to begin your next projects.

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